Carol Kirkwood: BBC Breakfast star gets fans jealous as she admits to KISSING companion

Carol Kirkwood, 56, took to social media to thank one fan, who wished her cat Donald a happy 18th birthday.

On Twitter, the admirer wrote: “Happy birthday to @carolkirkwood’s beloved Donald, 18 years old this month. Bless him.”

The comment did not go unnoticed with the BBC Breakfast star, who praised the person on remembering her furry friend’s birthday.

She also insisted the feline lives a fit and healthy life because she showers him with kisses and cuddles.

Responding, she wrote: “Bless you for remembering Rob and I am happy to say he is still fit and healthy.”

She quipped: “Must be all the kisses and cuddles he gets.”

While most of her fans wished Donald a happy birthday, some joked about needing a kiss and cuddle off Carol to stay well.

One person asked: “Is there any chance of you keeping me fit and healthy by the same means?”

Another jested: “I’d like to keep fit and healthy, Carol!” While a third commentator added: “Lucky Donald.”

A fourth fan shared: “Lucky old Donald I can’t even get an answer these days.”

Carol set tongues wagging earlier this week when she made a shock announcement about her future on BBC Breakfast.

The broadcaster was delivering the weather report from Edinburgh, where she was surrounded by numerous animal sculptures decorated in Christmas lights, when she made the surprising declaration about her future involvement on the morning programme.

Concluding her segment, she joked: “I would like to say this is the end of the weather forecast and hopefully not the end of my career.”

Back in the studio, Naga Munchetty, 43, and Jon Kay, 49, had a little laugh at Carol’s expense, with Naga adding: “I don’t know.

“With a Mammoth and a Dodo and your pet Unicorn named Brian Adams, I don’t know Carol. You’re skating on thin ice.”

Carol was in hysterics following the cheeky exchange and replied: “It’s not looking good is it.”

Before carrying on with the rest of the show, Naga told her: “Might see you in the next half hour if the boss lets you, hey?”

Later, Carol returned to the show to deliver the weather forecast once again, with Naga throwing a line back to the presenter.

After addressing the drone issue impacting flights in and out of Gatwick airport, Naga focused her attention on Carol in Edinburgh.

Making a joke about the cold weather conditions, she added: “Glad you’re there because you’ve got lanterns, you’ve got music, you’ve got sunshine, 25 degrees heat.”