World War 3: China starts BOMBER DRILLS as it BOASTS military strength in threat to Taiwan

On Tuesday Taiwan’s air defences spotted the Chinese warplanes near the island. It is the first time in six months they have been detected. China believes Taiwan should be governed by Beijing and has threatened military action to bring them under control.

Speaking earlier this year, China’s President Xi Jinping denied the country was using its military to threaten Taiwan to unify.

He said: “As long as the coordinates are correctly set in history, the ship carrying the hope of cross-strait peaceful reunification will eventually sail to the side of victory.”

However, that hasn’t stopped Beijing from carrying out a number of military drills around the island.

Taiwan’s Defence Ministry said the People’s Liberation Army had sent H-6K heavy bombers, Y-8 airlifters and Su-30 fighters to the island.


They flew from China’s Huiyang air base in Guangdong Province and passed though the Bashi Channel between Taiwan and the Philippines.

Navy vessels are also thought to have taken part in the drills.

China’s aggression towards Tiawan has increased since the election of Tsai Ing-wen as the island’s president in 2016.

Ms Ing-wen advocates Taiwan’s formal independence, a move that would infuriate China.

Meeting Taiwan’s opposition party in July, Mr Xi called on the politicians to “resolutely oppose and deter Taiwan independence”.

The Premier warned any move to independence would be an attack on China’s sovereignty.

The US and many other Western nations are thoroughly supportive of Taiwan’s wish to self rule.

Any attempt by Beijing to forcibly bring the nation under its control would likely spark international outrage and risk pulling other countries into the conflict.