iPhone apps: How to stop apps on your phone tracking where you go – they are ALL doing it

Apple iPhone location tracking tech is precise enough to pinpoint a person. This information often improves an app’s performance; Google Maps, for example, requires your location to provide accurate directions. But with many apps monetising this information via tailored advertisements, there is growing backlash against apps unnecessarily tracking your location.

Apple and Google have recently made it easier to identify the apps that access this information and to switch off the ability to see where you are.

The iPhone can also control apps to only use your location only when in use, instead of all of the time.

You may be surprised at the number of app that are default set to always track your location.

Here is how to wrestle back control of your privacy from tracking apps.

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Select each app and choose Never or While Using, if want to manage settings app by app.

Most games will not require your location, so make sure these are set to Never.

Other apps should be set to track your location only while you’re using them, as there is no need for them to continuously track you.

Others, such as local weather forecasts should have their permissions switched from Always to Never, as you can always manually search for this information.

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How to stop Android tracking apps:

This process is relatively similar across devices running the latest version of Android.

Begin by opening Settings.

Select Advanced and choose App permissions.

Then select Location, bringing up a list of apps with access to your location.

Switch off those apps that do not require your location.

Android currently only allows users to turn permission on and off, instead of while the app is in use.