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Ank you ve much. O a “Gma” health alert. Net THA claims to help ers determine the nutritional value of their breast milk. The CDC says mn % of new moms breast-feheir bi birth and the company makes thisest hopes to help them makeure their babies get what they need. New momey Gorham said she rst notice her S having problemsning weight two weeks afterbih. Y baby kept getting smaller. His bones were stick T. So he just looked very concerning. A fi mom. ‘Smuch better. Reporter: Aftersulting her pediatrician she began using new breast milk testing kit from a company C lactation lab. The coysu calories, carbohydrate, protein and fat contentnt in a N mom’s breast milk. Lab and resuare sent along W nutritional recodations T impr T quality of the east milk As were making changes to diet he started gaining C went up for my miit helped me and reassured me. Goa of helpbreast-feeng moms wh nourishing their babies. Sort of like a food label for your breast milk. Rr: Stefanie kly developed ft her second so Don’t want another mom to go through W I did. Feel LE T W did. Reporter: Dr. Canale says the test ividence based and cited her own stu O 30 women who learned was in their breast They were given specific die Y recommendationsretested their milk and they went on to reassured. Reporter: Ohe0 women, 28 reporthe continued past the six months of exclusive breast-feeding that the American acadofediatrics recommends.but it’s N clear the women would have coned . Lactation lab isn’t alone in and Everly well offer them but they aren’t ea lactation lab charges $or a C evaluate and $349 for prium kits which also measure fatty ac and so-called toxi of these test I’m certain there’s any rigorous study or any cumentation that the science S really proving use at ve coving challenges that moms are hg with breast-feeding. I think this THA a one-time orony one-ounce sampf M could be wholly reflecte of their ability to be a greatng pair withy I misleadi andplerning. Let’s bring in Dr. Jennifer Ashton who is nodding her head, shaking head throughthe tire piece. It sounds in ur take? Here come the qualifiers. First of all, interesting, yes, theris not yet conclusiveee review scientific orti science data to suppo this U widespread for breast-feeding women. Is it interest to talk about E nutritional act a mom canvebaby, absolutely. Can it increawarenes absolutely. It potentily increase anxiety, fe Doub guilt, all of which are already present in spades for most new moms, yes. So it’s not yet rdy F prime time. It doese –nyime we talk about nutrition I’m interested, but this is not yet standard practice reendationsy pediatricians, ob/gy You’re literally the perfect rson to talkto delivered 1500ies and has degree in nutrition aswell. Should new moms be conceed about thti of their breast mill jka Here’shat were to remember. One, it is truly the perct food because it contains T contains protein a carbohydrates and obviously very portant fo the immunity of a new by. However, and here is whehis St has issues, ties woman to woman, hour to hour, day to he breast milk at the end beginning of a sessio the hind milk is where youet all the nutritional bang for T buck, the fat. Toayne point in time can dictate the entire nutri status of a baby is not Rea acrate. You address this, the soc and emotional pressures placed ew moms especially when it comes to breast-feeding. At’s yourvice? Listen, medically breast milk is best but logistical, emotionally, many women can’tr they Choe N to so what I would tellewom is the opive word breast-feeding is feg. Yoould feed your baby the best way for ynd that baby with N judgment, no shame in the game everybo else should stay in their la ondthat everyone has an opinionut what you shoul B doing. We appreciate that, Dr. Jen. Ank you.

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