A brief review of Soul Calibur VI
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Footage was primarily captured on PS4, however I did test a PC copy during my review process. Both systems performed well and had no network issues, despite the usual ‘failed to connect to player’ during a search for a match.


  1. Footage is primarily captured on PS4 Pro at 1080p/60fps, however I was given a PC code as well to test and the performance on both systems are pretty rock solid. I never encountered any major connection issues either in online play… just the occasional 'failed to connect to player' message.

    Overall, great fighting game and a worthy franchise addition, if you can get past the day 1 dlc… which i'm not happy about.

  2. As big SC fan… as someone who bought the deluxe edition(like a sucker)… I honestly wouldn't(or I shouldn't have) paid full price and some for this. I also can't wait to have previous characters and CaS items sold to me as DLC….

  3. I think they've been lazy on the character customisation too. As fun as it is, this mode asn't change much since the previous one. It is still not possible to change the shape of the whole face, and they could include a little more variety of haircuts.

  4. I was planning on buying SC6 but day 1 dlc and small roster that means at least 10other characters will be dlc. Even if we buy seaon pass its not garanteed that you get all characters. Because they will do season 2 season 3 that's sadly how its done lately. Thieves

  5. The biggest disappointment is that SCV customization is better then SCVI. Like how can that be?! Not only is it the same armor from previous games, it's not even half of the original content! I mean, if they're gonna copy and paste, might as well do the whole customization sets!

  6. I think you've sold out your beliefs here mate.
    "Because Outside of the relatively small character pool, the offputting Libra of Souls mode and of course the day 1 dlc and the shackling of Tira, there's very little wrong with this flashy fighting game"
    I think those are actually big issues about the game and it certainly leaves a bitter taste.
    The fighting in this game is good. It's a fun fighter. But it's not a game that's worth $60. Even if all the proposed DLC was in the game, I still don't think it would be worth $60.

    I'm a long-time fan of the series and I've luckily had a chance to borrow the game for an extended period of time. But this is going to be the first title of Soul Calibur that I don't think I'll buy. I doubt I'd even be tempted by a "Complete Edition" in however many years time. There's just not enough single player content. I know there's two story modes to the game, but it's all just fluff padding. There's virtually no unlockables and no incentive to play outside of the competative scene.

  7. I want to point out one inaccuracy. You said in order to play as Tira you had to buy the season pass which isnt true. You can get her along with a few armor sets for a little under 5 dollars. Also in my opinion this game, even without a fully fleshed out cinematic campaign, is still worth your 60 bucks. Project soul new they were working with a reduced budget so they had to put as much content as possible while making MANY sacrifices like using still image story telling and putting a fan favorite behind a small pay wall ( which was actually not originally planed, Tira was not in the game when the game went gold). Please go out and buy this game, not only is it worth it but it will also lead to a much better game, possibly a worthy successor to SC3 which is seen as the best in the series

  8. I feel like I am the only Soul Calibur veteran that thinks the game is much more casual and accessible than ever. I'm disappointed. Not sure why zero reviews are reflecting my thoughts.

  9. Gone are the days when you wouldn't have to pay a single extra cent, after buying a fighting game. It was so rewarding back then when you grind and work your ass off to unlock other characters. You simply had to beat the arcade or story mode over and over with multiple characters, to subsequently unlock the others. What happened to inputting a series of button presses to select a hidden fighter? Modern fighting games is all about DLCs..no fun in that. Just pay for them and unlock.


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