Christmas food weight loss: These swaps can save you 617 calories

Weight loss can be tricky over the Christmas season, but these food swaps at dinner could help keep the diet on track. The Hospital Group revealed smart swaps of ingredients you can switch out for healthier alternatives. This can help to reduce excess sugar, fat and calories. Tips and tricks include changing the way you cook your potatoes.

Roast potatoes

Swap traditional potatoes (391 calories) for paprika roast potatoes (297 calories)

Reducing the amount of fat used (100g/ml for 6 portions instead of 4 portions) saves you 8g of fat and 94 calories per serving.

Using olive oil instead of goose fat also reduces the amount of saturated fat.

Too much saturated fat in the diet can cause detrimental changes in the balance of the types of cholesterol in the blood.

Pigs in Blankets

Swap classic pigs in blankets (213 calories) for bacon, sausage and prune rolls (121 calories)

The beauty of this simple swap is the main ingredient of chipolatas that are usually used to serve a classic pigs in blankets dish can be easily replaced with cocktail sausages.

The bacon remains the same but with a hint of added sweetness from the prunes and honey.

This cuts the fat intake by 9g, a huge difference for a side dish, and you also cut out the extra 92 calories.

Sausage, sage and onion stuffing

Swap tradition stuffing (328 calories) for apricot and hazelnut stuffing (124 calories)

The main ingredient of this wonderful Christmas dinner extra is the large amount of sausage meat it takes to create this dish.

Per serving you’re looking at around 328 calories and 22g of fat, not what you might expect from such a small part of the ensemble.

If you’d prefer a lighter bite, apricot and hazelnut stuffing could be your answer, saving 204 calories per serving and knocking off 15g of fat.

How to lose weight over Christmas. 

If you want to stay on track of your fitness and lose weight over Christmas, an expert has listed their professional recommendations.

Go alcohol free

Ditching the booze doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the festivities, instead you can buy alcohol-free wine which is the perfect way to cut down on the calories people often forget about in alcohol.

Control your portions

It can be easy to pile up your plate when you’re faced with a table full of your favourite food – especially on Christmas Day, but try to reduce the size of your portions. Eating off of a smaller plate will make this a lot easier.