Star Wars 9: Teaser trailer or first-look footage to release on CHRISTMAS DAY?

Nothing is official as yet, but following reports earlier this month suggesting that some kind of first-look at the movie was due before the end of the year, could this be another sign? Dedicated Star Wars news site MSW has reported that some kind of teaser related to the franchise is coming on December 25 – so could that be the movie? Will fans of the series get an extra special present for Christmas?

The site claimed to have heard from eyewitnesses that a commercial was being filmed at Disney World recently.

That commercial is due to air on Christmas morning, and the source said: “During one of the cut scenes, the actors on the stage said very clearly, ‘and stay tuned for a first new look at a galaxy far, far away!”

Given the recent rumours around Star Wars 9 footage being imminent, this could be linked.

What may well be more likely, though – given the fact that this was filmed at Disney World – is a look at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

The Star Wars-themed area is due to open in the Disneyland Park at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California; as well as in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

With both parks due to open next year, there’s every chance the commercial being filmed was referring to that.

But Steve Weintraub of Collider had claimed just last week that footage from Star Wars 9 and Frozen 2 is coming this month.

“To those wondering, December is ALWAYS a huge month for new trailers,” he had said on Twitter.

“If you’re a Disney fan, you can look forward to the first footage from #Frozen2 and @starwars episode 9 this month.

“Would be shocked if both aren’t revealed by December 25th.”

The JJ Abrams-directed movie is currently in production ahead of its release next Christmas.

The title is also as-yet-unconfirmed.

Star Wars: Episode 9 is out in December 2019.

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