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Thanks for watching! A quick recap of the different simulators I reviewed and what I had to say about them.

#1) Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition
Microsoft Flight Simulator was originally released in 2006.
The game had a very successful run and was considered the best retail flight simulator for its time.
The game was further enhanced by 3rd party developers creating content for it.
Now most of that 3rd party content is located in one place, on the Steam store. Huzzah!
If you have a passion for flying, this is a great simulator.
It helps to invest in some good controllers.

#2) Elite Dangerous
Elite Dangerous isn’t a traditional simulator in the sense that it is a Sci-Fi game set 1000 years in the future.
However, the game restricts you to the cockpit of your ship and tasks you with flying it and landing in space stations and on planets at various starports.
The main gameplay elements include trading, mining, combat, and exploration.
The game simulates the whole Milky Way Galaxy — all 400 million star systems.
The stars and planets are created with a system that creates each astronomical body based on realistic scientific data.
I would highly recommend this game if you have ever dreamed of flying in space.
The game provides a truly immersive experience and supports all kinds of controller setups.
It’s a blast!

#3) F1 2015
F1 2015 is a challenging racing game.
It focuses on realism.
The main reason it is so challenging is that Formula 1 cars are incredibly fast.
I found there were some issues with getting the game to recognize the Steam Controller.
The racing itself is pretty intense.
There is a new version released every year so I would recommend getting the latest edition.
If you are looking for a challenging racing game, look no further than the F1 series.

#4) Train Simulator 2018
The tutorials are frustratingly boring and there are a lot of them.
If I could get through the tutorials I might enjoy it.
I think the game could be relaxing.
You can create your own train routes.
It seems very realistic.

#5) BeamNG.Drive
It’s a true simulator experience.
It’s an Early-Access game so it is still a work in progress but what it lacks in polish it makes up for in realism.
The main draw to this driving simulator is the soft-body physics engine and the developer’s extreme attention to detail.
If you are looking for a driving simulator with the focus on freedom to explore instead of being confined to a racetrack, this is a great option.