Weight loss tips: You could lose 6 lbs in 7 days on THIS diet plan – without missing meals

Weight loss should be about your confidence and health, rather than feeling like you have to slim down for an upcoming event. However, if you’re motivated to shed the pounds this December, there are diet plans and tips out there which could be of interest. With the countdown to Christmas well and truly underway, diet guru Terri-Ann Nunns has shared some advice on a seven day diet plan that slimmers could follow. And, the cleanse even claims to to help dieters to lose an average of six pounds in just seven days – which could work out as a whole dress size.

So, what does it involve – and what are you actually able to eat on the diet plan?

The cleanse itself sees participants enjoy three meals each day – as well as three snacks.

And, while mince pies and a large helping of ice cream may be off the menu, you can still treat yourself to foods such as steak, dark chocolate, and popcorn.

Unlike other diet plans which also boast fast results, the cleanse promotes the consumption of real food – and promises weight loss without the prospect of relying on meal replacements, shakes, or teas.

Alongside the recommended meal choices, dieters are advised to hold back on alcohol for the week.

There’s also a daily exercise plan to follow for the week – which could aid your weight loss journey.

But, is it expensive?

According to the Terri-Ann 7 Day Cleanse, the foods on the menu can be picked up for £25 or less.

You’ll also need to pick up the plan itself, which costs £11.99.

So, what kind of things could you expect to enjoy during your week of slimming?

An example day includes a breakfast of three table spoons of fat free yoghurt and six blueberries.

For lunch, slimmers could dine on a can of tuna, some salad leaves, and a squeeze of lemon juice.

As dinnertime rolls around, the diet plan recommends tucking into a chicken breast and two steamed broccoli florets.

There’s no need to panic about getting peckish throughout the day either, as you’re permitted to enjoy three snacks.

According to the same example menu, this could be two slices of ham, a banana, and eight almonds, or six walnuts.

Slimmers are also advised to sip 10 glasses of water throughout the day, and one cup of warm lemon infused water before heading to bed.

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The Terri-Ann 7 Day Cleanse costs £11.99. For more information go to: www.terriann123dietplan.co.uk/terriann-7-day-cleanse.