#FlashGames #UnblockedGames
Taking a look at some weird website flash games that I played in School.

-The Games I enjoyed the most-
https://bit.ly/2NLFfWE – Castaway 2 – An action rpg that vaguely reminds me of the legend of zelda

http://bit.ly/2NiKLmC – About Face – A really good platformer with a really weird creepy story, also the man who made this has made others and you can find those here: http://bit.ly/2NiX5mG

http://bit.ly/2MOt6nl – Plazma Burst 2 – Pure awesome (extremely janky)

http://bit.ly/2MLxZNT – Cat Ninja – This one is really only here because nostalgia but it’s still a great platformer

http://bit.ly/2Nd2I65 – Mine Blocks – Want to play 2d Minecraft but you’re too much of a hipster for Terraria or Starbound well merry christmas.

http://bit.ly/2NOTjym – Plumber’s Creed – Your’e Mario but your also an assassin.

If you wanna check out some other videos you can find them all here – http://bit.ly/2PDQGjp

Thanks For Watching !!!


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