Donald Trump and Melania Trump were among a number of notable figures to attend the funeral of George Bush. George Bush was the 41st President of the United States. He died on November 30 2018, age 94. A body language expert has told there was an “awkward air of frost” at the funeral, caused by the entrance of the current President and his wife. Judi James said: “Before Trump arrived at the cathedral there was an air of relaxed sociability between the Clintons and the Obamas.

“Hillary and Michelle had looked especially warm together, with Hillary placing a splayed hand over her heart as the two women chatted and they even stood at one point with their arms around each other’s waists.

“Barack adopted an air of reflective dignity as they sat in their pew although Bill Clinton leaned into Michelle to chat while his wife leaned across him on one occasion to talk to her husband.”

However, according to Judi the two former US leaders and their wives appeared to change when Melania and Donald arrived at the sombre event.

“It was clear from their collective body language modifications that the Trumps were approaching though. The chatting stopped and Barack and Michelle suddenly sat frostily poker-faced with their hands folded across their laps.

“Bill turned to Hillary and stroked her arm in an emphatically affectionate gesture and then patted it to suggest support and reassurance.”

Melania and Donald showed solidarity by holding hands at the event.

“As the hand-in-hand Trumps walked past the line of ex-presidents there seemed to be no reaction from the Clintons and only a brief, down-turned smile of recognition from Barack.

“After some cursory greeting rituals from him, he and Melania sat side by side staring frostily ahead while Trump sat on the end seat, also staring straight ahead.”

Donald Trump’s attitude seemed to be incongruent with other former leaders, according to Judi.

She said: “Trump adopted a couple of poses that he uses during political meetings: first the leg splay with the hands in the steepled position and he also tapped his fingertips together in this pose to hint at feelings of pressure or impatience.

“Then as the service went on his posture became completely at odds with the rest of the line. While the Clintons, Obamas and even Melania sat back in their seats in mirrored poses with a dignified crossing of their hands across their laps, Trump sat further forward in his seat, often with his arms crossed high over his chest in a self-hug barrier gesture.

“Before Trump arrived there were animated conversations, signals of genuine warmth and even some laughter between the ex presidents but that quickly turned to what looked like an awkward air of frost once Trump had taken his seat.”

Melania Trump wore a £1800 coat to the funeral. 

The coat is thought to be by Proenza Schouler, and could be worth $2,275 – which is around £1,786.

The double breasted coat was cinched in at the waist with a gold buckle.

Having reached the front row of seats, Donald and Melania took their reserved places – beside the most recent former President and First Lady: Barack Obama, 57, and Michelle Obama, 54.

The current US President wore a smart black coat, suit, and vibrant blue tie.


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