Facebook adds collection sharing for holiday gift collaboration – CNET


Facebook is letting you share collections of posts.


Facebook is giving you the ability to share your post collections and potentially spread holiday gift ideas.

You’ve been able to collect posts on the social network and group them under titles like “Cute Puppies” or “Clothes I Want” for more than a year, but it’s only been for you.

This week, Facebook is rolling out the ability to share those collections so your friends can view content you’ve gathered and add new posts, it said Tuesday.

The company gave a festive example — if you gather a bunch of posts about products you want, you can share it with people who might be wondering what gift to get you (a little like an Amazon Wish List). Just be sure to include that Lego Hogwarts you’ve been eyeing.

You could also open up to a list to let your friends collectively create a collection of recipes for a holiday party, pool vacation ideas, a wedding registry or favorite memes.

The new feature comes towards the end of a challenging year for Facebook, which has dealt with problems ranging from a data privacy scandal to concerns about its leadership.

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