The Mercedes driver has been testing out a new sport since wrapping up the Formula One season.

And taking to Instagram today, Lewis Hamilton, 33, told his 8.7 million followers how much he enjoyed being back on a motorbike and admitted he loved to race them.

After sharing videos of himself riding one, he posted a picture with the message: “Good morning! Woke up feeling great today, miss riding the super bike already.

“FYI I’ve always loved 2 wheels more than 4. Always wanted a motorbike since I was a kid however am super grateful my dad got me a kart. But current new love is out on track on my bike.”

Lewis said he “respects” motorbike drivers and couldn’t stop gushing over the “exciting” sport.

He continued: “I have the highest regard and respect for these motorbike riders.

“It’s a much different discipline however require some of the same basics such as time, patience, fearlessness, focus, agility and risk taking. All of which makes a sport exciting.”

The British star spilled to his army of fans he would “love” to race bikes instead of cars one day.

“And yes, I’d love to race bikes,” he said.

“But these guys are on another level so I think I’ll just enjoy riding and testing the limits on track. @valeyellow46 I need to come to the ranch asap.”

Following his fifth world title win, where he beat Ferrari rival Sebastian Vettel by 88 points, Lewis has spoken out about the Formula One schedule changes.

For the 2019 season, the drivers will get one week less in-between seasons as the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will take place at the start of December.

And Lewis isn’t pleased with the change as he doesn’t get a lot of time off.

“The seasons are getting longer and longer, so the vacation period becomes more and more important,” he said.

“I haven’t made any plans yet – but looking forward to family time.

“I unfortunately still have a lot of work to do until mid-December sometime.”

He added: “But [I’m] excited for the winter, winter break and just getting time to spend with my sister and the kids and my Mum and my Dad. The whole switch-off thing.”

In February, Lewis will return to the Mercedes garage to attempt to win his sixth championship.

The sports star already has his rivals on his mind and said he believes Sebastian Vettel will be his biggest rival once again, alongside team mate Valtteri Bottas.

“It’s really hard. I would imagine it’s going to be Sebastian and Valterri [Bottas] alongside me,” he revealed.



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