Billy Connolly, 76, admits he tried cannabis after Parkinson's diagnosis – 'I got bomb'

Sir Billy Connolly, who was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease five years ago, revealed it took time for him to find the right treatment to combat the condition.

The 76-year-old admitted trying medicinal cannabis, but said his medicine has helped with some of the symptoms associated with the disease.

Discussing how he felt when he used cannabis, the Scotsman explained: “I just got bomb happy. Just stoned.

“It was quite pleasant, but I don’t want to do that every day. I was never very good with marijuana.”

The stand-up comedian went on to tell Radio Times: “I always got too stoned and it always lasted too long.

“I stopped all that about 30 years ago, when I stopped drinking. I had no time for it.”

According to the NHS: A prescription for medical cannabis would only be given when it was believed to be in your best interests, and when other treatments hadn’t worked or weren’t suitable.

Billy, who is referred to as ‘The Big Yin’ in his native Scotland, added: “My drugs do me a lot of good. I’m on medicine that stops me from shaking.”

Although his condition is incurable, Billy says the disease has become a lot more manageable to live with.

“When I first got it, Pamela [his wife] had to help me in and out of chairs. That’s over, but I have trouble getting out of bed.

“When I’m in hotels it takes me a while to get comfortable. Getting in and out of cars can be difficult.

“It’s made my life kind of peculiar, but there’s no pain. The shaking, that’s by far the worst part.”

Shaking is one of the most common symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease, as well as slowness of movement and muscle stiffness.

Other symptoms include: nerve pain, a loss of sense of smell, problems with urination, excessive sweating and swallowing difficulties, amongst others.

Billy, who has been married to his wife Pamela since 1989, said over the years his spouse has become his nurse.

She looks after him in many ways – cooking his breakfast, arranging his pillows and sometimes assisting him when he makes dinner.

His daughters, Cara, 45, Amy, 32, Scarlett, 30 and Daisy, 34, also help him in the kitchen when they visit.

Billy is best known for his countless TV appearances since the 1970s, particularly on the BBC’s Parkinson chat show.

He has also had film roles in the following movies: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Muppet Treasure Island and Brave.

The father-of-five has won countless awards during his lengthy career, including a Special Recognition Award at the 2016 National Televisions Awards.

Read the full interview in the latest issue of Radio Times, out now.