Samsung Galaxy S10 BOOST: Phone set for exclusive feature you WON’T find on Android rivals

Galaxy S10 is one of the most highly anticipated smartphone releases on the horizon, with the South Korean tech giant having some big plans up its sleeves.

The Galaxy S10 is rumoured to mark a big shake-up for the popular line of Samsung smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to boast the new Infinity O display that was teased during the Samsung Developer Conference earlier this month.

This would create Samsung’s first all-display smartphone, with a small O shape in the top left hand corner the only thing breaking up the screen.

This is expected to house the front facing camera for the Samsung Galaxy S10 which could be revealed next February.

You can see what the S10 may look like by clicking here to head to Ben Geskin’s Twitter page to scroll through renders of the S10.

Samsung look to be planning to go all out with the Galaxy S10 in terms of the design department.

And besides its radical, futuristic look the Samsung Galaxy S10 could also be getting one big, eye-catching feature.

It’s been rumoured that Samsung has secured a multi-million pound deal to ensure an exclusive Harry Potter game is coming to their devices.

According to a post by GameRant, the $40million dollar deal is between Samsung and Pokemon Go developer Niantic.

The claims don’t mention the highly anticipated AR Harry Potter game – Wizards Unite – that is in the works.

So it could be an entirely new and unannounced game that will be heading to Samsung devices.

While this is simply speculation, Samsung does have form in securing exclusive gaming deals for their devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was the first Android device to receive Fortnite Android earlier this year.

It has been rumoured the Galaxy S10 could arrive in three models next year, a move that would represent a substantial break in Samsung tradition.

That is because the South Korean tech giant has typically only released its S-line handsets in two models in recent years; a standard and a Plus variant.

A recent report from Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with Samsung’s plans, stated the tech giant plans to release “standard” and Plus models of the S10, but that it will also deliver a “more affordable version”, too.

The outlet explained the cheaper model is expected to forgo some premium features in order to reduce its price tag.

This included forgoing the signature Samsung curved display.

Although it is expected the South Korean tech giant will release three versions of the S10, the Wall Street Journal recently suggested there could be a fourth.

The publication said Samsung has a “top-secret” Galaxy S device in the works that is capable of delivering 5G speeds and has a whopping six cameras.

Such hardware is also claimed to have a 6.7-inch display.