Pokemon Let’s Go: How to fight Red, Blue and Green after you defeat the Elite Four?

Pokemon Let’s Go pays homage to the original trio of 1996 Pokemon games – Pokemon Red, Blue and Green – after you defeat the Indigo Plateau challenge. Trainer Red was the first character playable in the Pokemon series and the hero of the subsequent manga and anime adaptations. Long-time fans of the series will also recognise Blue, commonly dubbed Gary, as Red’s ultimate arch nemesis and friendly rival. Green was not an official character in the game’s story until the 2004 Pokemon Leaf Green reboot, which for the first time allowed female players to explore the Kanto region.

The Green present in Let’s Go, however, some players might recognise as the character from the Pokemon manga series.

All three Pokemon trainers are now back on the in a nostalgic nod to the very first generation of pocket monster games.

Here is everything you need to know about facing Red, Blue and Green.

How to fight Red in Pokemon Let’s Go

Red is the original Pokemon player and his years of expertise on the battlefield presents itself in his roster of powerful Pokemon.

In order to face Red’s challenge, you will first have to defeat any six of the Master Trainers spread throughout Kanto.


Master Trainers are unlocked and populate the world map once you beat all five trainers at Indigo Plateau.

Once you beat six of them, Red will nonchalantly appear outside of the Pokemon League where you can challenge him to a battle by talking to him.

Red’s team consists of:

  • Pikachu – Lvl. 85
  • Snorlax – Lvl. 85
  • Arcanine – Lvl. 85
  • Lapras – Lvl. 85
  • Machamp – Lvl. 85
  • Venusaur with Mega Stone – Lvl. 85

Defeating Red will earn you the title of Battle Master which will be visible to other players challenged through online or local Link Battles.


How to fight Blue in Pokemon Let’s Go

Blue will make a few appearances before you take on the Pokemon League, most notably during your attempt to drive Team Rocket out of the Silph Co. offices.

After you defeat the eighth gym leader and team rocket head-honcho Giovanni, Blue will show up to take over the gym from the criminal mastermind.

You can then immediately head over to Indigo Plateau with your eight badges and return to fight Blue once you beat the League.

Blue’s team consists of:

  • Tauros – Lvl. 66
  • Alakazam – Lvl. 66
  • Exeggutor – Lvl. 66
  • Gyarados – Lvl. 66
  • Aerodactyl – Lvl. 66
  • Charizard – Lvl. 68


How to fight Green in Pokemon Let’s Go

Defeating the Elite Four will open up the entrance to Celadon Cave where you have the chance to catch the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo.

But you are not the only trainer looking to catch the powerful psychic creature.

As soon as you leave the cave with your new elite possession, your rival will tell you Green came by looking for the creature as well.

In order to fight Green, you will have to head back into the cave and find her in the same spot you battled Mewtwo.

It might be worth healing your Pokemon in the Celadon Pokecentre before you face Green’s challenge.

Green’s team consists of:

  • Clefable – Lvl. 66
  • Gengar – Lvl. 66
  • Kanghaskhan – Lvl. 66
  • Victreebell – Lvl. 66
  • Ninetales – Lvl. 66
  • Blastoise with Mega Stone – Lvl. 68