World War 3: US could LOSE a future war with Russia or China – SHOCK warning to Washington

A report by the National Defence Strategy Commission warned the US military no longer has a global advantage and could lose the next conflict it is in. The report said: “The US military could suffer unacceptably high casualties and loss of major capital assets in its next conflict. “It might struggle to win, or perhaps lose, a war against China or Russia.”

It added that unless something is done quickly, then there could be “grave and lasting consequences.

The report also warned the threat existed for other countries beyond Russia and China and could include North Korea and Iran.

It said: “Those countries have developed more advanced weapons and creatively employed asymmetric tactics.”

There is also the increased threat of radical groups around the world challenging the US and planning attacks against the country.

The report said: “Around the world, the proliferation of advanced technology is allowing more actors to contest US military power in more threatening ways.”

The commission said it endorsed US President Donald Trump’s plan submitted in January 2018 to revamp the military in order to counter potential threats from Russia and China.

However, it warned the US was moving too slowly and was failing to invest enough money to adequately address these issues and implement Trump’s proposals.

The committee submits its recommendations to the President and Secretary of Defence in addition to Congress.

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In the last few months, tensions between the US and China have continually escalated due to a trade war started by the US President.

A US and Chinese battleship also nearly collided in the contested South China Sea.

Tensions with Russia have also escalated since the 2016 election.

Following the election, US intelligence services accused Russia of trying to use hacking to influence the vote.