NBA news: Did you see Jimmy Butler’s FIRST basket for 76ers against Magic – WATCH

Butler – who completed his much-anticipated move from the Minnesota Timberwolves – was thrown straight into the fray against the Magic.

The move ended months of speculation surrounding the future of the four-time All-Star and he made an immediate impact for his new side.

Collecting a pass, Butler danced into the area, before flicking the ball as he tried to slam dunk and slipped back on the court afterwards as he lost his balance.

The 76ers clocked up 52 points before the end of the second quarter, with Butler chalking up eight points after 16 minutes on court.

Despite facing competition from Butler’s arrival, 76ers team-mate Markelle Futz isn’t too concerned.

“Nothing [changes], my job is to be a basketball player,” Futz said.

“[I want to] Go out there, make winning plays, help my team win, and compete.

“Every time I step on the floor my goal is to play hard.

“The more time I have on the floor the more time I have to go hard.

“When I’m on the floor I just want to compete and make winning plays.”

Futz also thinks it is great to have Butler on board, adding: “He’s a cool guy.

“I don’t about the stories that you’ve all heard.

“But as far as I can tell he seems like a great team-mate, a vet, he knows a lot about the game.

“I’m looking forward to playing alongside him and learning from him.”

The 76ers’ record stands at 9-6 so far this season.