The former Girls Aloud star is seen flaunting her famous dancing skills in the clip, which debuted at midnight.

Love Made Me Do It is her first new material in four years, and marks the beginning of her fifth solo album era.

The tune has already soared into the Top 20 on the UK iTunes chart and is at the top end of the UK’s New Music Friday playlist on Spotify.

In the chorus, Cheryl sings: “I’m breaking all my rules but love made me do it / Should have used my head ‘cos my heart really blew it.

“Losing all my cool but love made me do it / Should have used my head ‘cos my heart really blew it.

“Love made me do it, it wasn’t my fault / Love made me do it, and I’d do it again.”

Fans have been gushing over the material, with one saying: “Nicola Roberts [ex Girls Aloud bandmate] smashed it once again with the song writing!! F**king amazing song.”

“I was waiting this moment for 3 years and it’s finally here!!! @CherylOfficial thank you for releasing this masterpiece!!! It was freaking amazing,” beamed another.

“Yay @CherylOfficial is back! Brilliant song,” wrote a third.

“Welcome back @CherylOfficial #LovemadeMeDoIt is incredible!” said yet another post.

The track will be performed on The X Factor on November 18, according to reports – and Cheryl will be at Jingle Bell Ball in December.

However, she told Jessie Ware’s podcast Table Manners that she hasn’t arranged a release date for the full album – because she’s unsure how the music will be received in the new streaming era.

“I haven’t been around since streaming has been around,” she said. “Literally as I left, it came. So I don’t know really yet the way things are going to be received.

“I’ve got a body of work, but I haven’t said, ‘now I’m going to release the album’. I’m just going to go song by song.”

She also denied that the track is about former partner Liam Payne, explaining: “Actually all the music and all the songs that I’ve done were done way before we split.

“None of them are about anybody.”

Love Made Me Do It by Cheryl is out now.


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