Results seemed to follow what was set out by prediction polls, with the Democrats seizing control of the House of Representatives and the Republicans maintaining the majority in the Senate. 

Early forecasts indicate the 2018 midterms had a record number of voters, as early voting forecasts show turnout will be as high as 47 percent.

Despite Donald Trump’s loss in the House, the president remained upbeat on Twitter, declaring the elections to be a “tremendous success”.

In his tweet the president said: “Tremendous success tonight. Thank you to all!”

How many seats do Democrats and Republicans have in House? 

Votes are still being counted in some areas, with 12 races too close to call in House of Representatives.

Five of these are in California, the 10th, 39th, 45th, 48th and 49th districts. 

Also unresolved are Georgia’s 6th district, Maine’s 2nd district, Minnesota’s 1st district, New Jersey’s 3rd district, North Carolina 9th district, Utah’s 4th district and Washington’s 8th district. 

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However, these results will not impact the majority – as the Democrats have won a clear majority in the House.

A total of 420 out of 435 seats have been declared, and 223 of these have been won by Democrats.

The number of seats required to take the majority is 218. 

This is a substantial loss for the Republicans, as they have so far lost 28 seats in the House to the Democrats.

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It is the first time the Democrats has held the majority in the lower house of Congress for eight years. 

The House turning blue will have an impact on the remainder of Trump’s presidency, making it harder for him to push his policies forward.

Meanwhile, in the Senate, 97 out of 100 seats have been declared, with a clear majority for the Republicans. 

A total of 51 seats were won by the Republican party, 44 by the Democrats and two by other parties.

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The Republicans have taken Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota from the Democrats.

Whilst the Democrats have only gained one Senate seat in Nevada.

Voters in Mississippi are due to return to the polls later this month for a run-off.

This is after no one candidate in the special election race took more than 50% of the vote.


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