CNN reporter Jim Acosta was asked to put down the microphone after he clashed with US President on his midterm elections campaign techniques.

During the heated exchange, the US President accused the CNN reporter of being the “enemy of the people”.

The CNN reporter asked Donald Trump whether he thought he had “dehumanised migrants” in his Midterm elections campaign, and asked the US President to explain why he had referred to the caravan of migrants arriving from Central America as an “invasion”.

Mr Trump replied: “I consider it an invasion. You and I have a difference of opinion. 

“I want them to come into the country but they have to come in through a process.

“I want it to be a process and I want people to come in. And we need the people. Wait. You know why we need the people? Because we have hundreds of companies moving in.”

The CNN reporter Acosta said: “But your campaign had an ad showing migrants climbing over walls.”

President Trump defended the ad, saying: “That’s true. They weren’t actors. Do you think they were actors? They didn’t come from Hollywood. These were actual people, it happened a few days ago.

“Honestly? I think you should let me run the country, you run CNN.

“And if you did it well your ratings would be much better.”

The President then said “that’s enough” before pointing at another reporter to ask a different question.

The CNN reporter demanded to ask one more question infuriating the US President further.

Mr Trump said: “That’s enough. That’s enough. That’s enough…put down the mic.

“CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them.

“You are a rude, terrible person. You shouldn’t be working for CNN.”

As the reporter continued to ask Mr Trump questions, the US President said: “Just sit down please”.

He added: “When you report fake news, which CNN does a lot, you are the enemy of the people”.

Following the row, CNN’s Acosta had his White House media credentials withdrawn.

The President’s Press Secretary Sarah Sanders commented: “As a result of today’s incident, the White House is suspending the hard pass of the reporter involved until further notice.”

The press conference followed the US midterm elections which saw US President Mr Trump lose the House of Representatives.

Despite losing the House, Mr Trump held onto the Senate, and branded the election results as a “big victory”.


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