More Insanity Than Gaming – February 2018 Channel Update – Slow Ride, Take it Easy

It’s been a weird couple of months on YouTube so I think it’s time to shake things up.


Channels you should check out:

Not only is GGG both a Sponsor and a Patron of the channel, he also makes some incredibly well produced Battlefield 1 content.

Dame Over:
Dame also makes Battlefield 1 content AND he’s been streaming a fair bit of Fortnite recently too (including a 4 match win streak in the most recent stream). He’s also got 3 days to gain over 80 more subs so please, please go help him out.

Jay’s biggest claim to fame is probably the fact I once called him a “mildly funny wanker”. His jokes aren’t perfect but at least they’re better than his gaming skills.

Master Quest Gaming:
Shadowlord-Zero does a lot of things on his channel; Skyrim builds, game reviews and music just to mention a few.


Want some more content to watch now? Try these:

Skyrim No Kill (Legendary Difficulty):

Skyrim Builds:

Skyrim Level 1 Run:

Fallout 4 Builds:

Fallout 4 Realism Mode:

Shadow of War:

Patreon is arguably the best way to support my channel so if you’re looking to help out then take a look at the page.
The YouTube gaming sponsorship is another way to support the channel if you still want to make a financial contribution but don’t want to head off of YouTube to do so.

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