If you’re wondering why you can’t access the Fortnite Playground right now, there’s a good reason for its disappearance.

A big Fortnite event is happening live in-game at 1pm in the UK on all platforms.

This means that it will be available to watch on PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mobile.

The Fortnite Cube will be doing something big to the map and looks set to smash into three shards.

It’s unclear what will happen after that but Epic Games has done some stuff that fans have noticed already.

The Fortnite Playground mode has been removed from the game. The good news is that this is probably a temporary measure.

Fortnite gamers hoping to watch the event will need to avoid trying to watch it via Playground Mode, as this will not be active.

Here’s more from Epic Games, who clarified: “One of our Player Support Team members misspoke in this case.

“The ‘Playground LTM’ will not be a playlist where you could experience this in-game event. We’ve taken steps to make sure that this is clear in the lobby.

“See you Sunday.”

It should be noted that this Fortnite event will happen only once, meaning it won’t be repeated at any time in the future.

Epic Games has also confirmed that the Fortnite Cube event has meant that the development team has also turned off other social functions in-game.

“The Cube’s power has overwhelmed the playlists. Stay in-game and be in-match to witness the one-time event occurring at 1 PM ET (6 PM UTC).

“Remember to log in and have your game open early to avoid any potential queue times…

“The Cube’s rising power has affected some social features; we have temporarily disabled them in the front lobby.”

So it looks like Playground Mode has been removed so that fans won’t be tempted to try and use it to watch the big event live.

A listing on the PlayStation Events page said the upcoming Fortnite live event is called the Fortnitemares Finale and it will last for five minutes.

However, this could simply be a placeholder name – one for that matter which doesn’t reveal much about what will take place.

Thankfully, those wondering what will happen during the Fortnite event have been treated to a major leak.

The Fortnite Battle Royale Leaks Twitter account uncovered in-game files which all seem to relate to the Fortnite event.

These files are for a series of sound effects and have all been labelled with ‘Butterfly’.


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