Grand Designs Kevin McCloud reveals he always does THIS before he buys a property for sale

Property expert Kevin McCloud is known for appearing on Channel 4 programme Grand Designs.

The 59-year-old is currently hosting the latest series of the property development show.

In its eighteenth series, the show will air tonight at 9pm.

Kevin will visit another Kevin, home-builder Kevin McCabe who will aim to build one of the biggest houses the programme has ever seen.

The property expert will head to Devon to document Kevin’s cob home.

Speaking exclusively to Kevin revealed his tips to Britons looking to buy homes currently.

Kevin makes sure he explores the local area as much as possible.

He said: “Whenever I’ve bought somewhere first of all I walk the area.

“I don’t arrive in a car, I walk it, about half a mile in every direction to understand what it’s like, you know?”

He also revealed that seeing the property at a specific time of day is important.

Kevin said: “The other thing is to always go back at night to understand if there is a railway siding just behind the house you hadn’t seen where the trains clank at three in the morning or weather there is a flight path.”

The property expert is also a big advocate for buying houses with good energy ratings.

“Put it this way, when I invest, I invest in renewables and ethical portfolios,” Kevin said.

“Why would you spend money on house that costs you £1,000 a year to heat.

“Why would you waste £1,000 a year? That’s what it is.”

Grand Designs Kevin McCloud revealed the one vital thing everyone building a house must do. 

Kevin told “The important thing when we are building new is to do it according to principles called fabric first, which basically means to build a house that has a good thermal mass, is well insulated, is triple glazed.”

According to the Energy Saving Trust the fabric first approach is a holistic approach to design, which can be applied to walls, roofs and floors among other components of a house.

Kevin explained what happens to a house when it is built using these principles.