Kawhi Leonard SLAMMED by pundit after missing Bucks game – ‘What is he doing?’

Leonard sat out of the Raptors’ loss against the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday night.

After suffering a series of injuries last year, he was only able to play nine regular season matches, as his old team San Antonio Spurs missed out on the play-offs.

Leonard was traded from San Antonio to the Raptors in the summer after he requested to leave.

The small forward has now missed two out of the Raptors’ first seven matches, as Toronto suffered their first defeat of the season against the Bucks.

American pundit and San Antonio Spurs fan Skip Bayless slammed Leonard for his attitude, and claimed he was unhappy with the star missing so many matches.

“He quit on my Spurs last year, he quit,” he said on the Fox Sports Undisputed show.

“And guess what? He’s still ‘hurt’.

“He’s missed two out of the first seven games.

“You know what? I’d take DeMar DeRozan any day any night over number two (Leonard).”

Bayless questioned Leonard’s commitment, and suggested he didn’t have to miss as many games last season as he did.

“He’s 26-years-old, what are you doing?” Bayless said.

“He’s still got a thigh bruise.

“He’s got a thigh bruise, really?

“DeMar, keep doing what you’re doing, which is throwing clutch.

“He played nine games out of 82.

“He got cleared halfway through by the most conservative staff in sports.”

Leonard is expected to play tonight as the Raptors face the Philadelphia 76ers.