Early turnout for US midterms SHATTERS records with Trump’s record KEY ISSUE for voters

Seven states are reporting a higher number of early votes have been cast of the upcoming election than in 2014, with the potential for more states to also reach record numbers.

With still a little more than a week until election day, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Nevada, Indiana, Minnesota and Delaware surpassing last midterm’s voter count.

A recent USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, found Donald Trump has been the main reason for people making their decision on who to vote for.

According to the poll, 35 percent have said they are voting in opposition to him while 23 percent have said they are voting in support.

Of the people surveyed, only a quarter have said they are not being influenced by the President.

Trump has not been discouraged by the numbers against him and the Republicans, though.

He has been consistently campaigning for Republican Candidates throughout the country in the hopes of bolstering support.

During rallies, Trump has also said that by voting for Republicans, they are casting “a vote for me”.

Ash Paulsen, an independent, expressed discontent with the President and why he was voting against him.

He said: “Trump basically disagrees with everything I stand for.

“My hope is that the Democrats will have taken back enough power that they can either halt or seriously kneecap the president’s agenda.”

Some Republicans disagree though.

One Republican, Hanna Treece-Fawler, said she believes there are more Trump supporters than most people believe.

She said: “I believe that people secretly support him, but not in front of their family and friends.”

Currently, most polls have the Democrats retaking the House while Republicans will hold the Senate.