Fortnite 6.10 LEAKED SKINS release dates for Onesie, Spider Knight outfits in shop

UPDATE:  6.10 leaked skins and items have been named by dataminers.

The new costumes include the Onesie skin, the Guan Yu outfit, Spider Knight and Arachne.

Items, meanwhile, include the Web Breaker, Guandao and Hatchling harvesting tools, alongside the Hatchling and Divine Dragon

New backbling includes Long Legs, Spider Shield and Loyal Shield. You can see all of the items in the gallery below.

ORIGINAL: Fortnite skins have been leaked following the release of update 6.10 by Epic Games.

The latest Fortnite leaked skins, outfits and items were discovered by Two Epic Buddies over on Twitter.

As with all leaked Fortnite skins, the items will be released within the next two weeks. 

In fact, because there are only a handful of new skins, it’s likely we’ll see all of them before the launch of the next update on October 23.

Other new items include a spider hand glider and multiple harvesting tools. You can take a look at the items in the gallery below…

Update 6.1.0 patch notes have confirmed the introduction of new features.

This includes the release of the QuadCrasher vehicle, not to mention in-game tournaments.

The official description confirms that the vehicle will have a boost function for extra speed.

The tournament feature, meanwhile, can be found by exploring the brand new events tab in Battle Royale.

It’s even better news for PS4 Pro owners, as Epic Games reveals performance enhancements.

“If your PS4 Pro is plugged into a 4K TV, the game now renders at 1440p instead of 1080p,” reads an Epic post.

On the downside, the Port-a-Fortress has been disabled due to some ongoing issues.

To make up for the removal of the item, Epic Games has increased the drop-rate of the Port-a-Fort item.