WhatsApp update finally brings Android devices up to speed with iPhone

WhatsApp is considered to be the world’s most popular chat application.

That is because it has 1.5billion users each month while Facebook Messenger only has 1.3billion, according to market and consumer data site Statista.

The site claims WeChat is closely behind Facebook Messenger with 1.04billion monthly active users.

One of the reasons WhatsApp is widely adored is because the company consistently updates the software with new features.

These typically range from performance improvements to the addition of very useful new features.

But while the chat app is available on both iOS and Android devices, some new features do not always arrive on both operating systems simultaneously.

And now it appears fans of Google’s software are finally going to get a WhatsApp feature that has been present on iPhones for some time.

Android Police has reported that in the latest beta for WhatsApp on Android a picture-in-picture video playback option is available.

Such a feature allows clips to play in a separate window on top of the application.

The addition is useful for those that want to consume messaging content and compose at the same time.

The outlet insisted the feature works extremely similar to the iOS version of the chat app with users able to drag the video box around and tap it to play or pause.

But it was insisted for the addition to function the sender of video has to wait for a preview to appear in their compose box.

The mode was reported to be working with YouTube, Facebook and Instagram clips.

However, Twitter video was said to be absent from the picture-in-picture mode.

As the new feature is available in the latest beta for WhatsApp, it is likely the feature could arrive in a full capacity for all users very soon.

However, there is currently no official word from WhatsApp on the matter.