Italy flood video: Shock footage shows streets DISAPPEAR as HORRENDOUS floods hit Italy

Extreme weather in the south of caused major flooding in Sicily, Calabria and Puglia overnight.

In Catania, Sicily, roads turned into rivers lifting the asphalt and flooding houses and shops.

The unceasing rainfall also caused the death of a mother and her son in Lamezia Terme, Calabria.

The bodies of the mother and one of her sons were found by the bed of a stream by the firefighters.

Her second son is still missing and emergency services have deployed helicopters for the search.

Emergency services were called for assistance 70 times overnight and 50 more interventions are on the way in the aftermath of the extreme overnight weather.

According to extreme threat warnings for flash flooding in southern Italy are in place until October 6.

Churning in the skies above Italy is a V-shaped mesoscale convective system (MCS) causing intense storms and torrential rainfall onto the Calabria and Puglia regions.

An MCS is a complex of thunderstorms that becomes organised on a scale larger than the individual thunderstorms but smaller than extratropical cyclones and normally lasts for several hours or more.

Weather models show excessive rainfall accumulations across the region, beginning on Wednesday October 3, and lasting until Saturday evening, October 6.

Forecasters have predicted that some areas could see more than 10 inches of rain lasting until late Saturday.

This level of rain has triggered flash flood warnings for Sicily, Calabria, Puglia and Sardinia.