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download,” trying to kick the oo we know it’s important to eat right. Why is iso hard toive it up? Joininus with insights from a new Y and somedvice from Dr. Jen Ashton W als a D ti thank yor joining . Good morng. E Ried to do this. Many of , me, incled succully. Me tel you about this ne it appred in the journal appetite. It washeim they tried peoplying to cut down on eating junk food, highly proood. The rat showed withdrawal symptoms, really differensee lining to cut down on smoking,gs, or alcol. Mptoms lmood swing anxiy, sleep nce. These tendedo peakn days T to five. And again, pe trying tdo the right ING. But definitejust in THR head. Not an issue of will power. What should we do? W ick that jk food habit? Tmillion-dollar question, right? We’rl thinking about that in this country. Or we should be. Thi it’s a Cole of thin. Number O, prevention. Minimize or inate the consumption of these highly processed foods. Is key.ifyidown, plan ahead for these obstacles. Areness. You can seat there a F at are obviously highly processed. Ith sugar. D and chemical additives. There are hs in ththink are heald those las Just to make sure, because yba chance we could kese things. Do you really need to limit your processed food intake? Dot matter? It es. Tend to bcalorie-dee, nutrr.ttom line, try to eat from the farm as much as the possible, Noe factory. Allt, thanks. Dr.enashton there. Exactly the news I wanted. Becausi would to keep T gummibrsiet. Is it okay to have cheetos Yes, I think so. I don’t believe you have done Often have P pig that I don’t sar it the reason I had top sohave an addictive onal I couldn’t stop eating it. In entire row yesterday. E thin the package was opened the WHE row. My man. I love tt. E’s commitd. I need Dr. Ashton’s health. We’ll talk “Pop coming Gwyneth pal walk dn the aisle be an

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