Oakland A’s Khris Davis hits .247 for a fourth consecutive season

There’s consistency, and then there’s what Khris Davis is doing. After going 0-for-2 in Sunday’s regular season finale, a 5-4 walk-off loss to the Angels, Davis ends the 2018 season batting .247. It’s the fourth consecutive season he has batted exactly .247.

.247 isn’t a particularly good batting average. The MLB average this year is .248. It was .255 in 2016-17, and .254 in ’15. If we extend Davis’ batting averages out a couple more decimal places, it looks like this:

  • 2015: .24745 (97 hits in 392 at-bats)
  • 2016: .24685 (137 in 555)
  • 2017: .24735 (140 in 566)
  • 2018: .24653 (142 in 576)

Per Ben Ross of NBC Sports Bay Area, Davis is the first player in baseball history to hit for the same batting average (rounded to three decimal places) four seasons in a row.

Davis also ends the regular season leading the majors in home runs with 48. He’s the first Athletics player to lead the league in homers since Mark McGwire hit 52 in 1996.