Grow: Wild West (Should You Play? 🤔)Game Reviews – Sounza Indie

Grow: Wild West (Should You Play? 🤔)Game Reviews – Sounza Indie

Have you ever felt something similar before: you are watching an interesting cartoon and you feel like you want to interfere with events occurring on the screen? Help heroes to make the right choice, to stimulate them to choose the best decision, in your opinion? With Grow: Wild With Grow: Wild West this dream can become a reality! Feel like a director of a small, but a cozy stage play, diving into caravan of unbelievable adventures.

The action takes place in a small town in the wild west. It is inhabited by a small group of people with various professions. There is a place for a farmer and a lumberjack, for a street musician and a sheriff, bandits, indians and many others. The fate of the inhabitants is tied together in various and interesting, unexpected ways. Appearance of one character will affect the fate of others, and even can cause death to someone. Can all these people settle together? Will they overcome all difficulties and hardships? Only time will tell… and the player’s choice.

Project features:

non-linear control of characters – choose and watch;
cozy and pleasant artstyle – wild west in all its glory;
several unique endings – write your own story;
vivid and memorable characters – get to know all of them;
achievements system – take a peek at all the plot possible options;

game download:





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