Weather forecast WARNING: Rare hurricane-like storm is heading STRAIGHT for Europe

The Medicane – meaning Mediterranean hurricane – has similar qualities of hurricanes and typhoons and has already caused flash flooding across Tunisia and Libya over the past few days.

It has now moved north to the Mediterranean and towards Europe.

The storm will cause the sea to pick up more tropical-like features normally associated with hurricanes.

These include gale-force winds and even an eye in its centre.

Areas of Greece and Turkey will be hit with heavy rains and very strong winds.

The system is expected to move slowly over Crete and southern Greece on Saturday before picking up speed and heading into western Turkey on Saturday.

Slow moving storms heighten the risk of dangerous flooding, with devastation caused in the US early this year as hurricanes Harvey and Florence creeped through eastern states.

On Crete and other souther Greek islands, just four to six inches of rain could fall and lead to flash flooding.

Other cities such as Kalamata in Greece and Izmir in Turkey could see two to three inches of rain.

But fortunately the Medicane will likely get absorbed into the upper-level jet streat and will not linger over southeastern Europe.

This will limit the amount of flooding from the storm.

Only about 1-2 Medicanes occur per year, according to 2011 study published by several academics and a researcher from the Institute of Coastal Research.

The powerful storms usually happen during September and October when sea surface temperatures are still quite warm, but they can occur at any time of the year.