Venom movie Spider-Man cameo or end credit scene? Director reveals all

Venom is not officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but fans are hoping that their might be a sticky sequence with their favourite web-slinger.

Venom’s comicbook origins weave a tangled web with Peter Parker so it would be a bold choice not to feature him, in or out of costume.

Reports a few months back placed Tom Holland on the Venom set but was he there for a cameo or a cheeky end credit scene?

With the fim hiting cinemas next month, the director Ruben Fleischer has been telling fans what to expect.

Fleischer told Screen Rant that his new movie redefines teh iconic anti-hero with teh aim to set up its own mythology.

He said: “It was definitely challenging figuring out how to make a movie with a character that’s defined by Spider-Man without Spider-Man.

“It’s those creative challenges that allow you to really come up with something original and different.

“The thing that I’m most proud of about this movie is I think it feels different than other superhero movies.”

It categorically sounds like there will be no Spidey this time around.

Even though Venom ultimately did not pursue a resticted rating, the trailers and advance reports confirm this is a darker, more adult and complicated approach to the source material which clearly would not sit comfortably with Holland’s peppy Parker.

Tom Holland’s Eddie Brock will find his own path to uniting with the alien symbiote, even though he retains his traditional photojournalist links to the daily Bugle.

The movie’s supporting cast members include Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate and Woody Harrelson.

Holland’s Brock investigates research being done by Ahmed’s Carlton Drake and stumbles onto a terrible secret.

Venom is in UK cand US cinemas on October 5