Barclays online banking DOWN: Users report service is NOT WORKING

UPDATE ONE: Barclays’ website and its online service is now working as usual.

ORIGINAL STORY:Barclays offers an online banking service to its customers that is available on desktops and smartphones.

Online banking allows customers to manage their money and make payments within seconds.

But a number of people attempting to harness the functionality have reported issues when doing so.

Independent outage monitor Down Detector registered over 300 reports at one time from users insisting the service was not working earlier today.

And a number of customers have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment because they are unable to move their money or make payments.

One said: Hi Barclays. “Your site is down because I cannot connect securely to it. It’s not returning a response.

“This isn’t a cache issue. It’s a server problem. Just so you know.”

Another tweeted: “Banking is down again!! This a nightmare for a business finishing month end.

“Sort it out Barclays!”

On its website the bank has acknowledged users might experience “slow responses” when attempting to use its online service.

Barclays said: “We’re sorry, you might experience slow responses logging in to our Online Banking right now – we’re working to fix this.”

And the bank has also acknowledged its main website is currently down too.

Barclays added: “We’re sorry, you might have a problem using our website right now – we’re working to fix this.”

Problems at the bank come after both HSBC and TSB experienced issues earlier today.

The former’s online and mobile banking services were affected with hundreds of customers declaring they were unable to access such functions.

Meanwhile, TSB’s internet banking services were also down for a short period of time.

Both HSBC and TSB have since addressed such issues and each bank’s online functionality should now be working properly.

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