Trump’s new armoured car ‘the Beast’ rolled into the UN for the first time this weekend

The US Secret Service shared a picture of the limo on Mr Trump’s favourite social media, Twitter.

Posting a picture showing two identical armoured Cadillacs parked in Manhattan, they wrote: “The Secret Service is ready to roll into #UNGA 2018!”

Mr Trump is currently attending the UNGA, United Nation General Assembly, which gathers once a year.

The custom-built car is equipped with everything necessary to protect the president from any kind of attacks. 

The limo, produced by American manufacturer General Motors, is known to be heavily armoured.

The Cadillac mounts Kevlar run-flat tyres that can keep the car going even if punctured.

Its doors are as heavy as those of a Boeing 757, with an eight-inch armour plating, five-inch thick multi-layered windows and a blast proof undercarriage.

On board there is blood supply matching the US President’s blood and a life machine support to make sure he can receive first aid within the car if anything happens to him. 

The car can also transform itself into an offensive machine.

The Beast, as it is known in the US, is armed with tear gas canisters as well as pump-action shotguns, which make it almost a civilian’s tank.

The Cadillac also has an electronic communications equipment connecting the president directly to the Vice President’s office and The Pentagon.

The first Beast was unveiled in 2001 by Republican president George W Bush. 

Drawn by General Motors in Detroit, US, it was a car specifically designed to meet the Secret Service’s specifications.

However, General Motors improved its design through the years, with Mr Trump’s edition of The Beast being described as considerably more attractive than the previous models by Car and Driver magazine.

Mr Trump loves to show off his presidential cars.

During his historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in June, Mr Trump took an unscheduled break to let the dictator take a peek inside the armoured car that travelled with him to Singapore.

Footage immortalised Kim smiling and nodding, leading to think he was impressed with what he saw.