PLUSone – Foul Play | Another World – PlayStation Plus Reviews

it’s finally time to close out PLUSone for September 2018, and we’re doing so with another double-feature! Today’s theme is “Old School,” as we look at one game that IS old school and another that’s inspired by the REAL old school. Is the old-timey beat-em-up Foul Play worth downloading and playing? What about the 20th Anniversary Edition of Another World, the 1991 cinematic platformer that inspired many of today’s premier developers? Join me in today’s double-review to find out!

PLUSone is a series dedicated to looking at all of the free games on PlayStation Plus and other platforms to tell you if they’re worth playing. The games may be free, but your time is valuable – so I dive into each game to see who it’s a good fit for, and who should just skip it!

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