Fortnite season 6 promises a party but will new battle pass and skins impress?

The last day of season 5 will mark the end of one Epic Games’ most successful periods.

Having seen their biggest game nearly top 80 million active users, it’s time for the transition period to the next phase.

And Fortnite Season 6 promises to include just as much content to unlock if you’re willing to spend the V-Bucks.

And there are those who are questioning just how much longer the growth can continue.

Will the Fortnite Season 6 battle pass be enticing enough to hold off the next round of game releases, primed for October?

While most of the major releases coming later this month will cost top dollar to purchase, their release could still affect Fortnite numbers.

Piper analyst Michael Olson recently posted his thoughts on the matter, using information from Twitch.

According to recently shared data, Fortnite Battle Royale viewership went down between July and August.

“Overall, we believe tracking Twitch viewership can provide insight into the real-time ‘pulse’ of certain videogames, identifying those that have momentum and those that are losing traction with gamers,” Olson explains in a note to clients.

“Fortnite continues to dominate Twitch viewership, but in August the game had its steepest m/m viewership decline that we have seen,” Olson adds.

“This decline could simply be due to timing of new ‘content drops,’ but it could also be an indication that interest for the game has reached its peak.”

The data shared and used by the company reveals that nearly every other game in the Twitch top ten saw increases in the same period, while Fortnite saw -13% month-to-month dip.

Evan Wingren, KeyBanc Capital Markets analyst, also spoke about the drop in viewership and believes that Fortnite remains a big and impactful game.

“I’m sure Epic Games has a lot of new ideas for the game in store come this holiday and will continue to innovate,” he told CNBC.

And that last point certainly sticks out when it comes to the launch of season 6.

Epic Games have done a lot to try and keep players engaged with their Battle Royale title, through big in-game events, puzzles and new LTMs.

The theme of season 6 is still a very popular part of keeping player interest, with the latest news suggesting they’re going for a party vide.

It includes what can only be described as DJ Llama, showcasing a metal head mask and trendy attire.

The new image also includes the recently melted cube “Kevin” who is currently making Loot Lake bouncy.

And the only reason we know for sure that this outfit is all about the bass is the accompanying caption, which reads: “All great parties need a DJ.”

And there’s a good chance that this will indeed be a Fortnite Season 6 skin as well.

Plenty of past teasers for a new Fortnite season have been used as outfits by Epic Games, so why not this one?

So we could have more answers to the question of Fortnite’s continued success in the coming days.

But there is no question that even if Fortnite did see a drop in player numbers, it would still remain one of the biggest games in the world.

And that appears to be something that will be sticking around for the foreseeable future.