Ten things you never knew about… dreams

1. On average we have between four and seven dreams a night lasting in total about two hours.

2. We only remember dreams if we wake up within five minutes of having them. We therefore forget an estimated 90 per cent of our dreams.

3. The most common emotion experienced in dreams is anxiety. The result is nightmares.

4. According to a recent survey, 12 per cent of people dream in black and white.

5. The results suggested that older people who grew up watching black-and-white television are the most likely not to dream in colour.

6. Native Americans created web-like objects called “dream catchers” in willow hoops and hung them above cradles to protect infants from harm.

7. Dreaming occurs mainly (some say exclusively) during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, distinguishable by random fluttering of the eyes.

8. Birds and mammals also have REM sleep, so it is assumed by many that they also dream.

9. Henry VI Part 1 is the only Shakespeare play not including the words dream, dreams or dreamt.

10. Dreamt, daydreamt and undreamt are the only words in English ending in -mt.