RSVP and Wedding Invitation WordPress Plugin



WordPress plugin for RSVP and email wedding invitation sending. Wedding invitation template included.


  • RSVP with Vegetarian and Kids menus
  • Fully administrable guest list, add/edit/delete and sort your guests;
  • Statistics per menu types (standard/kids/vegetarian);
  • Statistics per RSVP status (Yes/No/Pending);
  • CSS styles adapt to your theme;
  • Wedding invitation – Invite your guests to attend your wedding with the beautiful email invitation included;
  • Fully customizable invitation template;
  • Send invites to multiple guests at the same time;
  • Customize the text on the invitation and send different invitations to different people;
  • Add the RSVP form to any page as WordPress shortcode;
  • Email matching check on RSVP form, so only the people you invited can RSVP;
  • Nonintrusive css style for RSVP form, it will keep the look and feel of your theme.


  • V 1.6 [23 Jul 2016]
    Made invitation customizable (image uploader to add custom header image and color picker to change background color). 
  • V 1.5 [19 Jan 2016]
    Made invitation emails to appear as sent from the Email Address in Settings > General, instead of the default "[email protected]".
    Made invitation emails sender's name to be the Site Title in Settings > General, instead of the default "WordPress".
  • V 1.4 [23 Jan 2015]
    Improved invitation design
    Updated documentation with instructions and screenshots for WordPress 4.
  • V 1.3 [01 Nov 2013]
    Added textarea message field.
  • V 1.2 [30 Aug 2013]
    Modified classes names to avoid error due to naming conflicts with other plugins or themes.
  • V 1.1 [5 June 2013]
    Added "Disable email validation"/captcha option to RSVP form.
  • V 1.0 [22 May 2013]
    Initial release.