The Royals should ‘REACH OUT’ to Meghan’s family to end ‘ONGOING SORE’, says Royal expert

Dr Anna Whitelock, a Royal historian and commentator, described the relationship between the Royal family and Thomas Markle as “an ongoing sore” which “really doesn’t look good for the palace”, in an exclusive interview with

Mr Markle, who did not attend his daughter’s wedding in May for medical reasons, has made a number of outspoken attacks on his treatment by the Royal family.

In July, he provocatively told ITV’s Good Morning Britain that Princess Diana would have disapproved of his treatment and that Meghan has developed a “sense of superiority”.

Asked whether the Royals should do more to reach out to the Markle family, Dr Whitelock replied: “Yes absolutely.

“I think as soon as, or even before, the engagement was announced there should have been a kind of family liaison officer who would go to the Markle family and prepare and advise them.

“I think it is just naivety that this family from America which has no knowledge or experience of Royal circles would somehow be able to manage it all.”

Dr Whitelock went on to contrast the relationship with that achieved with Kate Middleton’s family.

She claimed: “It was always going to be a different prospect for Kate Middleton.

“Her family were more typical for marrying into the Royal family.

“I mean they were not aristocrats, but they were upper middle-class and they knew how these things worked.

“They were not new to this in the way that the Markle family have been.”

Dr Whitelock also discussed how the uneasy relationship has been handled by Royal courtiers.

She said: “It does not look like they have particularly handled that part of the relationship.

“Actually, the Markles are a different kind of family and that has not really been managed in a way.

“I think the Palace really hopes that they can get back on track, that Meghan Markle’s father does not continue being this issue that is being played out.”

However, Dr Whitelock did note that Meghan had built up her own profile before marrying into the Royal family.

She explained: “She had a career and a profile and a platform before she joined the Royal family, and her profile and platform was not dependent on her family.

“She was a love match with Harry and her public profile was not because she was from a landed, well recognised family, it was because she was her own celebrity.

“Meghan is a Duchess of a social media age.”

Dr Whitelock has written several books on historic monarchs and has commentated on the contemporary Royal family on UK and international TV.

Her latest book is entitled, ‘Elizabeth’s Bedfellows: An Intimate History of the Queen’s Court’, and explores the reign of Elizabeth I.