PS5 release date: When is PlayStation 5 coming? Latest PS4 and Xbox One news

The PS5 release date is a hotly debated subject

The PS5 release date is a hotly debated subject (Image: SONY)

No one has sure knowledge of when the PS5 release date will be set for, outside of Sony HQ.

It remains a hotly debated topic, along with what the PlayStation 5 will offer in terms of features.

And PS5 rumours are rife, even if we are still years away from a new PlayStation launch.

But we do know something about the new console that will be different from the PS4.

Sony isn’t planning any more handheld devices that will work alongside the PS5.

It has been confirmed that the PS Vita, the tech giant’s most recent venture in the handheld market, is ending production in Japan.

It won’t happen right away, but manufacturing will have finished by the end of next year, completing the cycle of PS Vita support.

It doesn’t mean that there won’t be any more games for certain regions, but it certainly puts an end to the handheld experiment for Sony.

No more PS Vita launches will be available after 2020

No more PS Vita launches will be available after 2019 (Image: SONY)

And Sony PlayStation has gone as far as to say that they have no further plans to produce a sequel to the PS Vita.

It means that the PS5 will not come in the shape of a Nintendo Switch wannabe, and also means that there won’t any kind of handheld support for the PS5.

Speaking at TGS, Hiroyuki Oda, Sony Interactive Entertainment senior vice president told Famitsu: We currently do not have any plans to announce a new handheld device.

“As for the PlayStation Vita, we will continue its production through 2019 in Japan. Shipment will end.”

It makes sense that Sony would want to put an end to the PS Vita, following a pretty long time on the market.

The system never reached its full potential and was unable to garner the third-party support to push into the next phase of sales.

However, there were always lingering hopes and rumours that Sony might try again, following the success of the Nintendo Switch.

But with the PS5 expected to reach markets by 2020-21, it’s clear it won’t be arriving with a PS Vita 2.

Meanwhile, work is underway to supply something that can take on its rivals, with Xbox expected to launch another console around the same time.

And it was recently revealed that AMD is involved with both the PS5 and Xbox’s Project Scarlett.

In a new interview, AMD President and CEO Lisa Su, revealed more details on the upcoming generation shift, and where her company stands in it.

“We’re working with both Sony and Microsoft on consoles,” Su revealed.

“They both have their specific secret sauce that we’re helping them do.”

Microsoft themselves are looking at Cloud Gaming as their next big challenge and is something that AMD could be involved with.

Another piece of news that could prove interesting to PS4 and Xbox One owners concerns the future of the PSN.

The latest rumours suggest that Sony is looking to make significant improvements to the PlayStation Network for the release of the PS5.

It’s fair to say that the PSN isn’t without its problems and is an area where the tech giant wants to improve.

The PS Plus subscription service has become an important part of Sony’s plans and is something they hope to grow.

And what better way to do that than by offering a PSN upgrade of sorts with the PS5.

Windows Central writer, Jez Corden, shared some info online that suggests a big infrastructure update is being worked on for the platform.

No details were shared, so it’s hard to say what this might entail, but it means that Sony is working on plans away from just the PS5 architecture.

Sony isn’t expected to make a big PlayStation announcement in 2018 regarding their next hardware line.

In fact, PS5 release date news might not even drop in 2019, depending on what Microsoft has planned.

The latest estimates predict 2020 as the most likely time for PlayStation to replace the successful PS4 and PS4 Pro console range with something new.

This is based on how Sony has been talking about their upcoming projects and plans they have for the current-gen.