HEARTBREAKING footage shows herd of cattle being swept away in RECORD BREAKING storm

The distressing footage shows a herd of cows being violently swept downstream after the storm also caused flash flooding in parts of Oklahoma.

The Twitter user who shared the video said: “Terrible!

“I just watched a herd of cattle get swept away under a bridge in floodwaters just south east of Fittstown.”

Concerned users were quick to comment on the video to find out if the cows had made a lucky escape.

One person wrote: “Oh my God I have never seen anything like that.

“I sure hope they made it.”

While another said: “Unbelievable – any idea of the outcome for the animals?”

The user who captured the footage then responded with a series of tweets.

He said: “For those asking, I am unable to provide an update on the status of the cattle.

“I watched them downstream as far as I could and only saw 3-4 make it out before they disappeared from my view.

“Fingers crossed they all make it out in time.”

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a flash flood alert on Friday for parts of southern Oklahoma after heavy rain continued to ravage the US.

All residents were warned to move to higher ground after the area experienced 12.44 inches of rain.

The 12.44 inches of rain – which fell between 6am and 5:15pm on Friday in Fittstown, Oklahoma – was the highest ever recorded in 25 years since the Oklahoma Climatological Survey’s Mesonet was established.

A statement from the NWS said an area of low-pressure over West Texas and Oklahoma, tropical moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, and a nearing cold front were to blame for the heavy rain.

The floodwater caused numerous roads to be closed in southern Oklahoma.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Justin Povick said: “Some locations near Ardmore, Oklahoma, received close to six inches of rain in three hours during Friday morning.”

Numerous storms are set to move through Oklahoma over the weekend.