Fortnite update time for patch 5.41 confirmed with downtime news

Epic Games are taking Fortnite servers offline to make way for a new update.

This will be released later today and will include the latest items and cosmetics skins.

These may even prove to be the last outfits released during season 5, with season 6 scheduled to begin near the end of September.

From what we know about today’s update, Fortnite patch 5.41 will be released at around 9am, UK time.

Epic Games announced as much earlier today on the official Reddit page, while also confirming that the new update will require servers to go offline.

The development has also confirmed that The Getaway LTM will be removed from the game with update 5.41.

“Upgrade your Fort in patch v5.41! This update is dropping in tomorrow, September 18 with downtime beginning at 4 AM ET (0800 GMT),” a message from Epic Games reads.

“The Getaway LTM ends once downtime begins, so get out there and finish up those Challenges.”

As always, downtime is expected to include players being kicked out of live games around 20 minutes before the scheduled maintenance.

So fans can expect plenty of disruption later today.

Downtime usually lasts a couple of hours, so fans could be back in playing the new content by around 11am in the UK.


According to the hints dropped by the development team, Fortnite 5.41 will add another Port-a-Fortress item.

“Toss down the Port-a-Fortress and take defence to new heights,” reads the in-game description.

Judging by the description, the Port-a-Fortress is a bigger version of the Port-a-Fort.

Launching as part of this week’s update on September 18, it’s also believed to be a Legendary item, so don’t expect to see too many on the map.

Away from this item, there have rumours of a new weapon being added to the Fortnite Battle Royale arsenal.

However, as with any report found online, there isn’t a huge amount backing up the release of the Save the World Quad Launcher later today.

It could be a surprise inclusion in today’s patch notes, which will be released as downtime begins.

Information may also start leaking about the end of Season 5, if the community data miners have anything to say about it.

With game’s purple cube honing in on Loot Lake, there’s a chance that some more details will be found in the new build.

It seems more likely that the juiciest details won’t be added to the game till a later date, however, that doesn’t mean some important stuff won’t be found today.