Black Ops Blackout beta end date: When does Call of Duty Battle Royale finish?

The Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout beta is coming to an end on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The bad news is that  Blackout beta comes to an end on September 17 at 6pm UK time.

On the plus side, the Black Ops 4 release date isn’t too far off. The game launches for all platforms on October 12.

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But as revealed in a recent Treyarch blog, the Battle Royale game mode will launch with one or two changes.

Ahead of the game’s full release, Treyarch is investigating a number of issues that have cropped up during the beta.

The studio is looking into crashing and performance issues on PC, as well as reports of Xbox users losing controller input when pressing the home button.

Players will also be able to redeploy when the game is over for their team, without going back to the lobby.

Elsewhere, Treyarch has cleared up any confusion about the Mystery Box.

“In the Beta, the light denotes that Zombies have spawned at that location,” Treyarch said of the blue light on the map.

“Players must kill the last zombie in an area for the next box to spawn.

“At launch, the Mystery Box will initially spawn at Zombies-themed locations and will appear to be locked. Once the last zombie is killed that area, the box will unlock and can be looted. Write that one down for October 12.”