Fortnite Save the World free code latest as fans wait on Epic season 5 news

Fans have started asking the question of when will Fortnite Save the World be free to play?

It’s fair enough as Epic Games did say earlier this year that the original Fortnite mode would be following in the footsteps of Battle Royale, the latest can be found on this official Epic Games website.

But nothing has been spoken on the subject since, leaving many to wonder what has happened.

And as the development team never provided a solid release schedule for the F2P changes, they still have plenty of time to implement it.

But with only a few seasons left in the year, Fortnite Save the World free codes will have to be shared in one of them.

And from the looks of things, it won’t be season 5.

While Epic Games has released some big content at the end of past seasons, relaunching Save the World in the next week, or before the end of September, seems like a big task.

And as fans continue to point out, there are still a lot of bugs in the game.

So many in fact, some players are worried that new players would be put off playing it past its opening stages.

One recent post on the STW subreddit reads: “There are way too many problems with this game at the moment, and there’s a high possibility that new players who might be interested in this game are being pushed away by them and there’s a maximum of 3 and a half months till the supposed release to the f2p crowd.

“At this point, it’s probably best to remove the f2p elements and never go f2p. The other mode worked well with f2p because its mechanics are learnt quickly, jump, fight, die, repeat.

“STW, however, is much more complex and most of the other modes younger audience wouldn’t even try to play the game properly while simultaneously pushing away possible actual players away from the game through their practices cough trading, scamming, afking, etc.

“Please don’t go free to play, it would seriously hurt the game.”

Epic Games has made it their mission to fix the game, but it isn’t something that can be done overnight.

And there have been rumours that STW would go F2P during season 5.

This would lead to a huge surge in player numbers, especially when you consider that STW can be used to farm V-Bucks.

These V-Bucks can be used in both versions of the game, making it possible to unlock new skins from the Fortnite item Shop.

STW fans aren’t interested in seeing more farmers arrive, but it’s fair to say that there would be plenty of genuine interest from Fortnite fans to try the mode as well.

Rumours appeared online earlier this year that season 5 might be the time that STW goes F2P, which have recently been repeated.

If this were to happen, more information would have to be shared this week, along with news about other big Battle Royale events.

Epic Games have promised to take Save the World FTP in 2018, but have yet to provide a plan on when they intend to do it.

And with the current problem affecting the game, they will certainly need to fix these performance issues before doing so.