3 NEW VR Games for $5 or Less – AUG 31st 2018 | Grabbag | Dinosaur Hunter VR | The Turdler REVIEWS


Hello, this is Josh from HTC Vive Game Reviews.com. Welcome to our series 3 for Under 5 – the purpose of this video is to try out 3 of the latest HTC Vive games that are $5. Rules include – must be playable with the tracked motion controllers and be a complete game – early access and episodes to existing games do not count. All of these will be review orientated videos with gameplay footage but we’ll try to keep it spoiler free. If you want to watch full Let’s Play videos, be sure to check out HTCViveGameReviews.com for those or thise channel. Enjoy!

SYSTEM : HTC VIVE, VR, Virtual Reality, PC
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