New iPhone release THIS WEEK – FIVE things Apple should include on its next smartphone

New Apple iPhone

The new Apple iPhone looks set to be revealed later this week (Image: APPLE)

There’s just a few more days to go until reveals the next chapter in the life of its iconic iPhone.

This refreshed and rebooted device looks set to be revealed at a major event on September 12 with Apple unveiling its latest and greatest device at the magnificent Steve Jobs theatre which is set within the grounds of its Apple Park HQ in Cupertino.

There’s already been a plethora of rumours, leaks and speculation about this new phone including a bigger screen, more power and a faster way to charge it.

All signs point to another big iPhone update that is sure to be in high demand but here are five features we think will make this latest Apple smartphone even more desirable.


Despite huge improvements in battery technology most smartphone users are still only getting a day out of their devices before they need a power boost.

iPhone fans will surely be hoping for extended life from this new device and that may become a reality.

It’s thought the new range of phones will feature an upgraded processor which will not only be faster but also much more efficient.

This should mean users will be able to eek out some extra energy from the internal battery.

Samsung recently improved performance via a much larger 4,000mAh battery in its Note 9 and Apple may decide it’s time to add something similar to its flagships.

Other important news could come in the form of a faster charger in that will ship with all new devices.

A leak that was spotted a few months ago claimed to show a new plug that will be able to deliver more juice to the iPhone at faster speeds.

We’ll have to wait and see which of these rumours become a reality but any extra battery life will, no doubt, be hugely welcomed.

New Apple iPhone

Apple sent out invites to its launch event this week (Image: APPLE)


Last year’s iPhone X only arrived in two shades (Silver and Space Grey) and rumours are rife that things could get a lot more colourful in 2018.

It’s thought Apple could be planning to launch its new devices in a number of different designs with Gold, Blue and Red all rumoured.

There’s no official confirmation of this update but, with many of Apple’s rivals launching colourful phones, a bigger range of iPhones look highly likely.

New Apple iPhone

The iPhone could come in a number of new colours (Image: PH)


An always-on display is something we’ve been wanting for a while but, so far, Apple hasn’t followed LG or Samsung by including this technology.

Having used devices that feature an always-on screen it’s certainly a feature that improves the user experience especially when the phone is sitting idly on your desk.

If Apple was to finally include always-on technology it would mean time, date and notifications could all be visible on the screen at all time.

Although we’re uncertain this is coming we do think a much bigger screen is inbound.

Rumours and leaks have shown Apple could be set to launch an iPhone Xs Max which may feature a giant 6.5-inch edge-to-edge display.

If this becomes a reality it will be the biggest ever screen Apple has produced.

New Apple iPhone

A leaked image claims to show the bigger iPhone Xs (Image: 9TO5MAC)


When Apple revealed its iPhone 8 and X it finally boosted the basic memory to 64GB and also gave fans the option to buy a 256GB model.

These upgrades were certainly a huge improvement but, with Samsung now offering 512GB of expandable memory on its new Galaxy Note 9, it would be good to see Apple follow with a more memory-packed iPhone.

Speculation suggests that the US technology firm is planning a big boost to the internal storage of its iPhones with it rivalling Samsung with its own 512GB model.

Although this will be a popular addition don’t expect it to be cheap.

The 256GB version of the iPhone X already costs over £1,000 and things could get even more pricey for those wanting this ultimate storage.

New Apple iPhone

Apple will hold its event at the Steve Jobs theatre in Cupertino (Image: GETTY)


The iPhone X has never claimed to be cheap.

This £1,000 smartphone is one of the most expensive on the market but there could be some good news coming next week.

It’s thought Apple may unveil a new iPhone 9 which will include an edge-to-edge screen but at a much lower price.

Don’t expect a bargain but this new device could certainly land in your hand for under £700.

• Apple’s big launch event takes place on Wednesday, September 12 and will bring you all the news live from Cupertino so be sure to visit