Apple Better Hurry Up On The Holographic Handset Or Have A Horrible And Horrendous Death

Here we are again waiting for the next release of the Apple iPhone as we have 10-times before, this time we are on iPhone 8, and folks are wondering what incremental technology it might have enticing us to upgrade our most valued personal tech device. Well, the rumors have it that this next version will have more FRT or Facial Recognition Technology – allowing it to lock or unlock your phone simply by recognizing your face – the ultimate security. Or, is it? Maybe this takes your personal privacy down a notch? Think on that for a minute.

Meanwhile, I’d like to address a more serious issue, and that is it has been 10-years since the first iPhone, according to Google Search: On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone at the Macworld convention, receiving substantial media attention. Jobs announced that the first iPhone would be released later that year. On June 29, 2007, the first iPhone was released.

Since then, all we’ve gotten were incremental gains, smaller, sleeker, bigger, better, faster, more memory, longer battery life, etc.? Of course, the changes in the beginning were more incredible than those of recent years, I believe this is because Steve Jobs demanded it. So, let me ask; where is the Holographic iPhone – able to project, and scan and record 3-D objects? Steve would have brought it by now, but Captain Tim Cook is no pirate like Jobs.

Perhaps to answer this question you might want to read up on innovation philosophy and the history of Silicon Valley. Thus, I recommend reading “The Intel Trinity” by Michael S. Malone former reporter for the Mercury News in Silicon Valley. There is also a nice YouTube video lecture by Malone, and several interviews.

Also, there was an interesting article in the Singularity Institute online news on February 14, 2017 titled; “Holograms Aren’t The Stuff of Science Fiction Anymore,” by Peter Rejcek which stated:

“A study published online in Nature Photonics by a team of researchers in Korea has developed a 3D holographic display that they write performs more than 2600 times better than existing technologies. Meanwhile, researchers led by a team in Australia claimed in the journal Optica to have invented a miniature device that creates the highest-quality holographic images to date.. The papers were published within three days of each other last month.”

The reality is, there is no reason that the holographic iPhone doesn’t yet exist, we have the technology, and it is miniaturize-able with proper R&D funding, and Apple has the money to do it. I believe they are not because they are too busy riding this Cash Cow, and have lost touch with the vision that Steve Job brought to Apple, which need not die with his person. Apple better do something incredible with its future iPhone Releases or the company will succumb to competition and the stock will fall – and it has a long way to fall. Please consider all this.

Recommended Further Personal Research for You:

(1) YouTube Video; “Sci-Fi holograms a step closer” by ANU TV, January 23, 2017