Pc Tattletale Review – Pc Tattletale is a Parental Control and Internet Monitoring Software

Pc Tattletale works in stealth way, this enables computer savvy kids not to discover a way to manipulate around it. When one installs the software, it is totally invisible. You can not find it in the menu, the task list, the computer tray and even the windows programs folder. Even when kids find out that their parents has installed pc tattletale, they can’t remove it. This is because it needs an admin password to be removed.

It catches screen shots, the date, user and the time the screen shot was captured. When screen shots are captured, it is saved in a hidden and password protected directory, it can be access later on with the help of pc tattletale’s VCR- like play, rewind controls and fast forward. There is also a personal cache purge feature that helps to prevent the hard drive from taking too much screen shots of your computer activity. Pc tattletale monitors your children’s activities and makes it possible for you to know what your children are doing online.

Pc tattletale blocks unwanted url if you manually include it among the urls you want to block from your kids. It can also be set in such a way that it will ban websites that contain the keywords you don’t want your kids to access, for example if you kid wants to visit a sex website and the website contains keywords like sex then it won’t appear. It will camouflage that website in such a way that your kids will think it’s not available by showing words like website currently down check back later. The keyword block also stores websites attempted by your kids for you to check at your conveniences.

Pc tattletale has no option to create accounts for each member of the family rather it records all the activities of anyone that uses the computer it is installed on. It automatically records every keystroke and every activity taken on a computer, activities like website visits, email messages, chat room messaging. It also captures applications and activities that are not connected to the internet like games, word processors and database once the computer is on. It gives parents the chance to hold their children accountable and provides security measures to protect them from internet predators, pedophiles, cyber stalkers and online sex offenders when you are there.

The bottom line is that pc tattletale is a must for every home, this is essential to enable parents know what their kids is doing online whether it is for good or bad and find measures to stop them because the future of every child lays in the hands of the parents. If you leave your kid to be like a thief then he/she might be like thatn but God forbid and if you raise your kid to be like a doctor then for sure he/she might be a doctor in the future.